Magical Transitions of Technology

A not to miss morning session which will have you intrigued about what is next in the rapid innovations and discoveries of technology which will thoroughly transform our world as we see it today.

David Moore is senior vice president of NAI Capital with over 36 years of experience in various fields of commercial real estate. His development background makes him one of the top brokers in Southern California for redevelopment projects.

David will talk about the status of cell and Wi-Fi, current carrier cell lease deployment, and the fact that thousands of cell leases from the mid-’90s are nearing expiration. He will provide insight to assist property managers and brokers on what carriers are trying to negotiate versus what should be accepted, what to consider if a carrier wants to lease space from their clients,  and what effect 5g will have on all properties and consumers.

He will also touch on the rollout of Distributed Antenna Systems, (DAS), macrocell deployment and microcell deployment, and how Google, Facebook, and others are rolling out their own Wi-Fi networks, and how that will change the playing field.

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