Keynote Speaker Vinh Giang

Vinh Giang unlocks the secrets of the human mind to help audiences reach a heightened state of imagination and innovation where the impossible becomes the possible.

From his humble origins as the son of a refugee family from Vietnam, to co-founder of the innovative online platform Encyclopedia of Magic, Vinh has emerged as one of the world’s leading magicians and entrepreneurs. In 2013, he was named South Australian Entrepreneur of the Year for creating a successful online business that teaches the art of magic to thousands around the world.

Drawing parallels between the world of business and magic, Vinh relays profound messages about the power of positive thinking and a belief that anything is possible, as well as the key principles of success and showmanship that enabled him to become a top performer and entrepreneur. He energizes audiences with astonishing insights into human psychology, business and the art of magic, as well as inspiring stories from his personal and professional journey that help others discover new possibilities and reach their full potential in business and life.

Entrepreneur, Magician and Communication Coach

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